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My caller said they are rolling the calls out this week, be patient and you will hear from them soon! MODNOTE: Some people like these threads, some people hate them. I'm new to Reddit and hoping for your help. I'm torn between these two.I've done an internship at IBM and I know a couple people who did Shopify.4 months testing automation, then back-end development-$500 housing stipend (one-time)The only reason I'm stuck at this point is the name value. I know a lot of people who've done the 12 month internship at IBM, and I have never heard a single good thing about it.
Reject IBM immediately and never look back. by Radu Raicea How I got an internship at Shopify The interview season for the 2018 summer internships is finally over. They're a large Canadian company and well-known/reputed to our CS community, very difficult to get into (read that they only hire 0.3% of interviewees) and is considered a top company to Waterloo students (I don't go to Waterloo, just what I've heard) but I'm not sure if it's known by U.S. companies? The goal is to score a BigN internship for my next term.Shopify hands down. One of my close friends did 3 internships there.They're both similar in pay/experience and both positions are working on stuff I like.

Reject IBM immediately and never look back. Billionaire Shopify CEO finds out on Twitter that former SC2 pro SeleCT looks for internship. A lot of them stuck with it because they had no better options, but the rest jumped ship and went somewhere else.Shopify will put you well on your way to a BigN internship. I visited the After over a month of interviews and tests at multiple companies, I will be joining Shopify [https://www.shopify.ca] as a Back-end Developer Intern. Also, I'd say Shopify is a much better name as their tech is more modern, whereas at IBM you'll be working with dinosaur technology.-Would love to work full-time afterAlso the Shopify office is really nice. Every person who I know who has interned there is going back full time. • Be able to explain why you want to work at Shopify. I'm a second-year CS student at an unknown school in Canada and this is my first internship so I'm pretty excited about my options. You will be in a very solid position, there are countless companies hiring shopify developers, someone who WORKED for Shopify looks better than 99% out there. The point of Shopify's interviews is to talk about you and see who you are. I flew from Vancouver.

Also, Shopify is super fun :PShopify 100%, without a single doubt. They can teach you all of the technical stuff, but they want to make sure that you have the right personality for them to do so. “Within weeks of starting an internship at Shopify, you’ll make changes that impact millions of customers globally.” Tobias Lütke — Chief Executive Officer Own your work We … I just got an offer for the SE position in Toronto!I got my offer on Tuesday in MontrealHas anyone heard back from Shopify in Canada regarding summer internship decisions yet?So they're probably filling up all the spots they have before rejecting people.My friend got his offer 2 week agoThis is a complete guess, but I feel like they would call and send out offers first, give them a deadline (they gave me two days), and replace the rejected/expired offers with other people they hadn't rejected yet.Intern or full-time?
IBM is obviously widely known, but I'm not sure about Shopify. Opened my Shopify store for my business Framed Chic - https://framedchic.com.I sell hand-upcycled frames, art and home decor - no dropshipping.

I know a lot of people who've done the 12 month internship at IBM, and I have never heard a single good thing about it. Shopify 100%, without a single doubt. Hires him instantly based on Starcraft accomplishments. Shopify and your career will be in the bag.

(Even if you aren't) You won't be missing out on "Prestige" at all don't worry.Shopify hands down. Hi all!

Data? They put me up in a hotel. Thanks!

If you hate them, that's fine, but please don't get in the way of the people who find them useful.